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The threat of foreclosure is one all too many families in Ohio are facing in these difficult economic times. It can be difficult to know what steps you can take to avoid or stop a foreclosure and save your home.

If you are facing a foreclosure, reach out to our foreclosure attorneys as soon as possible. At Knevel Law Co. LPA, our experienced lawyers can examine every option in your foreclosure defense case so you can keep your home.

We are one of Northern Ohio's largest consumer bankruptcy firms. Thanks to our sole focus on bankruptcy, we are able to dedicate all of our time and effort to tirelessly representing our clients in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Elyria, and Garfield Heights. When you meet with our Cleveland foreclosure attorneys for a free consultation, we will discuss your specific financial situation, the pending foreclosure of your home, and how bankruptcy may be a solution.

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Understanding Foreclosure in Ohio

In Ohio, foreclosure can take about 6 to 18 months. It starts with the preforeclosure period, which means being charged late fees and receive a breach letter. Servicers typically provide loss mitigation opportunities, but if you are unable to resolve the matter, the judicial foreclosure begins when the lender serves you a summons and complaint.

You have the option to respond in court, receive special protections (if applicable), or pay off the loan to prevent foreclosure. If you do not respond, you will receive a "default judgment" and the foreclosure sale will begin. Your legal rights in the property end when the sale is confirmed and a writ of possession is given to the buyer. If you choose to respond, then the case will go through the litigation process.

Foreclosure Defense Strategies

Did you know that filing for bankruptcy may prevent foreclosure on your home? Filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy may be able to stall or terminate a foreclosure completely.

By filing for bankruptcy, you may be able to:

  • Modify your home loan
  • Make regular mortgage payments

Generally, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is recommended over a Chapter 7 for stopping foreclosure. This is because while a Chapter 7 will temporarily stop foreclosure proceedings with the automatic stay for the duration of the bankruptcy, these proceedings will resume once your Chapter 7 bankruptcy is complete and your debts are discharged.

In comparison, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to include your missed mortgage payments in your repayment plan. This effectively allows you to repay your mortgage debt over the three to five-year Chapter 13 payment plan period, and can save your home from foreclosure.

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